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Check if dependencies are up to date, similar to npm outdated. Supports npm and jsr specifiers.

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@check/deps: JSR Dependency Checker

Simple tool to check deno.json, deno.jsonc, jsr.json or jsr.jsonc for outdated dependencies.

Command Line Usage

deno run -A jsr:@check/deps [options]

[!IMPORTANT] Replace -A (all permissions) with --allow-read=., to make full use of Deno's security model:

deno run --allow-read=., jsr:@check/deps

[!TIP] This will cache the current version locally on subsequent runs. Append the refresh-flag -r to update to the latest version of @check/deps:

deno run -rA jsr:@check/deps [options]

[!TIP] You can install check/deps as a command, below using minimum permissions and the cli name check-deps

deno install -n check-deps -r --allow-read=., jsr:@check/deps jsr:@check/deps

Now you can run check-deps directly at the command line.


  • --help: Display usage instructions.
  • --target <dir>: Set the target project path (defaults to current directory).
  • --slim: Suppress table output for streamlined integration.
  • --allow-unused: Don't report on unused packages.

Example Output

➜  deno run -A jsr:@check/deps

Package                      Wanted     Latest                    
jsr:@cross/utils@^0.2.1      0.2.1      0.7.0      Outdated       
jsr:@std/path@0.220.1        0.220.1    0.220.1    Up-to-date     
jsr:@cross/env@^0.2.5        0.2.7      1.0.0      Outdated       
npm:diff@5.2.0               5.2.0      5.2.0      Up-to-date     
npm:fast-xml-parser@4.3.5    4.3.5      4.3.6      Outdated       
npm:fflate@0.8.2             0.8.2      0.8.2      Up-to-date     
npm:linkedom@0.16.9          0.16.9     0.16.10    Outdated       
npm:mrmime@2.0.0             2.0.0      2.0.0      Up-to-date   

Updates available.

Usage with Deno Tasks

To check your dependencies with a Deno Task, such as deno task check-deps, modify your deno.json as outlined below:

"tasks": {
  "check-deps": "deno run -A jsr:@check/deps"

Usage with GitHub Actions

To check JSR dependencies automatically using a GitHub action, add one of the following steps to your existing Deno workflow:

Check and display a warning if dependencies are out of date, but let the workflow complete successfully.

- name: Check Dependencies
  continue-on-error: true
  run: deno run -A jsr:@check/deps || echo "::warning title=Dependency Check::Some of the dependencies are out of date, please check."

Check and make the workflow fail if dependencies are out of date.

- name: Check Dependencies
  run: deno run -A jsr:@check/deps

Full example, failing on oudated dependencies:

name: Deno CI

    branches: [main]
    branches: [main]

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest

      - name: Setup repo
        uses: actions/checkout@v4

      - name: Setup Deno
        uses: denoland/setup-deno@v1
          deno-version: v1.x

      - name: Run linter
        run: deno lint

      - name: Check Dependencies
        run: deno run -A jsr:@check/deps
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Add Package

deno add @check/deps

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@check/deps";