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JSX runtime for composing JSON data.

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JSX runtime and compiler for composing JSON data.



1. Install Deno.

2. Start a new Deno project.

deno init

3. Add jsonx as a project dependency.

deno add @fartlabs/jsonx

4. Add the following values to your deno.json(c) file.

  "compilerOptions": {
    "jsx": "react-jsx",
    "jsxFactory": "@fartlabs/jsonx"

5. Add a file ending in .[j|t]sx to your project. For example, example.tsx.

function Cat() {
  return { animals: ["🐈"] };

function Dog() {
  return { animals: ["🐕"] };

const data = (
    <Cat />
    <Dog />
  JSON.stringify(data, null, 2),

6. Compile your jsonx by running the .[j|t]sx file.

deno run --allow-write example.tsx

Resulting data.json:

  "animals": [


Optimize developer ergonomics with improved modularity and maintainability by enabling developers to compose JSON data like React, using JSX.

Developers often are required to write code that follows a specific schema or format. For example, a configuration file, a data file, or a response payload. This is often done using JSON, YAML, or TOML. However, these formats are not composable out of the box, and are often verbose and difficult to maintain.

Similar projects

Projects like jsonnet address the challenge of writing complex JSON by providing a way to modularize and compose data in a dedicated language, improving overall ergonomics. While libraries exist that embed the jsonnet system within other languages, jsonnet itself is a separate tool. jsonx, on the other hand, focuses on leveraging familiar languages and tools like JavaScript and TypeScript to achieve similar modularity and composition, with the benefit of being naturally embeddable within those environments.

There's already a project, json-jsx, that offers similar functionality to jsonx. However, json-jsx is designed specifically for Babel projects, whereas jsonx targets JavaScript runtimes capable of JSX transpilation, such as Deno.

Shoulders of giants

This project leverages Deno's built-in JSX support and robust module system. These features streamline development by enabling:

  • Modular code: Deno's compliance with JS/TS's native module system encourages well-organized code through reusable modules.
  • JSX support: Out-of-the-box JSX support facilitates scalable data composition and modularity, similar to how React components are composed.

Consequently, Deno provides a solid toolchain and developer ecosystem that enables developers to focus on what makes their projects unique, rather than reinventing the wheel.



Run deno fmt to format the code.

Run deno lint to lint the code.

Run deno task generate to generate code.


Run deno task test to run the unit tests.

Developed with ❤️ @FartLabs

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