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The CLI toolchain powered by Fedify.

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This package works with Deno
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fedify: the CLI toolchain for debugging fediverse apps

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The fedify is a CLI toolchain for debugging ActivityPub-enabled federated server apps. Although it is primarily designed for developers who use Fedify, it can be used with any ActivityPub-enabled server.


Using Deno

If you have Deno installed, you can install fedify by running the following command:

# Linux/macOS
deno install \
  -A \
  --unstable-fs --unstable-kv --unstable-temporal \
  -n fedify \
# Windows
deno install `
  -A `
  --unstable-fs --unstable-kv --unstable-temporal `
  -n fedify `

Downloading the executable

You can download the pre-built executables from the releases page. Download the appropriate executable for your platform and put it in your PATH.

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Add Package

deno add @fedify/cli

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@fedify/cli";