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Coinbase Exchange (institutional) client, written in TypeScript for Deno/Bun.

This package works with Deno, Bun
This package works with Deno
This package works with Bun
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Gravitywell / Coinbase

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Coinbase Exchange (institutional) client, written in TypeScript for Deno/Bun.

Currently, the only dependencies are @std/encoding and npm:dotenv but this library may evolve to include more helpful stuff in the future. Ergonomics and correctness are prioritized over minimal purity. A good example, that is being considered, is npm:decimal.js.

WARNING: The public API may change before v1. Breaking changes will effect minor versions. Pinning to a patch version is fine for non-breaking changes.


Deno: deno add @gravity/coinbase

Bun: bunx jsr add @gravity/coinbase


Note that this package does not export a JS bundle or TypeScript definition files. It is intended to be used in environments that can use TypeScript natively; such as Deno and Bun. There is no planned support for bundling or other environments.

import { Coinbase } from '@gravity/coinbase'

 * Initialization will automatically pick up auth variables set in the
 * environment (through a `.env` file or otherwise) based on these keys:
 * Supplying a configuration manually will override any environment configs.
const coinbase = new Coinbase()

// Use resources to interact with the REST API.
const currencies = await coinbase.currencies.all()

REST Progress (Documentation)

Module Status
Auth (Reference)
Errors (Reference)
--- Get all accounts for a profile
--- Get a single account by id
--- Get a single account's holds
--- Get a single account's ledger
--- Get a single account's transfers
Address Book
--- Get address book
--- Add addresses
--- Delete address
Coinbase Accounts
--- Get all Coinbase wallets
--- Generate crypto address
--- Convert currency
--- Get conversion fee rates
--- Get a conversion
--- Get all known currencies
--- Get a currency
--- Deposit from Coinbase account
--- Deposit from payment method
--- Get all payment methods
--- Get all transfers
--- Get a single transfer
--- Submit travel information for a transfer
--- Withdraw to Coinbase account
--- Withdraw to crypto address
--- Get fee estimate for crypto withdrawal
--- Withdraw to payment method
--- Get fees
--- Get all fills
--- Get all orders
--- Cancel all orders
--- Create a new order
--- Get single order
--- Cancel an order
--- List loans
--- List loan assets
--- Get all interest summaries
--- Get a single loan's interest rate history
--- Get a single loan's interest charges
--- Get lending overview
--- Get new loan preview
--- Open new loan
--- List new loan options
--- Repay loan interest
--- Repay loan principal
--- Get principal repayment preview
Coinbase Price Oracle
--- Get signed prices
--- Get all known trading pairs
--- Get all product volume
--- Get single product
--- Get product book
--- Get product candles
--- Get product stats
--- Get product ticker
--- Get product trades
--- Get profiles
--- Create a profile
--- Transfer funds between profiles
--- Get profile by id
--- Rename a profile
--- Delete a profile
--- Get all reports
--- Create a report
--- Get a report
Travel Rules
--- Get all travel rule information
--- Create travel rule entry
--- Delete existing travel rule entry
--- Get user exchange limits
--- Update settlement preference
--- Get user trading volumes
Wrapped Assets
--- Get all wrapped assets
--- Get all stake-wraps
--- Create a new stake-wrap
--- Get a single stake-wrap
--- Get wrapped asset details
--- Get wrapped asset conversion rate

WebSocket Channel Progress (Documentation)

Module Status
Auth (Reference)
Errors (Reference)
Heartbeat (Reference)
Status (Reference)
Auction (Reference)
Matches (Reference)
RFQ Matches (Reference)
Ticker (Reference)
Ticker Batch (Reference)
Full (Reference)
--- Received
--- Open
--- Done
--- Match
--- Change
--- Activate
User (Reference)
Level2 (Reference)
Level2 Batch (Reference)
Level3 (Reference)
Balance (Reference)


this library is provided under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

A copy of the MPLv2 is included file for convenience.

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deno add @gravity/coinbase

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import * as mod from "@gravity/coinbase/";

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bunx jsr add @gravity/coinbase

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import * as mod from "@gravity/coinbase/";