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Coinbase Exchange (institutional) client, written in TypeScript for Deno/Bun.

This package works with Deno, Bun
This package works with Deno
This package works with Bun
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2 weeks ago (0.3.0)

Gravitywell / Coinbase

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A fully typed client for interacting with the Coinbase Exchange (institutional) rest/websocket apis.

Intended for use in server environments with deno/bun. Built in TypeScript and does not export a vanilla JavaScript bundle or definition files.

The public API may change before v1. Breaking changes will effect minor versions. Pinning to a patch version is fine for non-breaking changes.


REST Documentation

  • Auth
  • Accounts
  • Address Book
  • Coinbase Accounts
  • Conversions
  • Currencies
  • Transfers
  • Fees
  • Orders
  • Loans
  • Coinbase Price Oracle
  • Products
  • Profiles
  • Reports
  • Travel Rules
  • Users
  • Wrapped Assets

WebSocket Channels Documentation

  • Auth
  • Heartbeat
  • Status
  • Auction
  • Matches
  • RFQ Matches
  • Ticker
  • Ticket Batch
  • Full
  • User
  • Level2
  • Level2 Batch
  • Level 3
  • Balance


this library is provided under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

A copy of the MPLv2 is included file for convenience.

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deno add @gravity/coinbase

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@gravity/coinbase/";

Add Package

bunx jsr add @gravity/coinbase

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@gravity/coinbase/";