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Building Trade Utilities

This package works with Bun, Cloudflare Workers, Node.js, Deno, Browsers
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BTU - Building Trade Utilities

A package of utilities for working in the building construction industry.

(The name is a pun on Btu, British Thermal Unit, an imperial unit used in measuring insulation and conductivity, as an equivalent to watts)


deno add jsr:@hubble/btu

# For installing on Node with NPM, see:
npx jsr add @hubble/btu



import * as metric from '@hubble/btu/insulation/metric'

const r = metric.convertKToR({ k: 0.041, m: 0.09 })
console.log(`R${r.toFixed(1)} == R2.2`)

// "R2.2 == R2.2"
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