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pure js Jalali & gregorian date input web-component

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Pure js Jalali Date Picker Web-Component

web component date input (picker) to get date (jalali & gregorian) from user.

  • support jalali date as well as gregorian date

  • support keyboard arrow key and fast date input with keyboard

  • customizable style with css variables

  • can set min and max date value

  • web component so it can be used in every framework and even purejs project

  • responsive and mobile friendly (support swipe in touch devices and handle virtual keyboard)

  • support typescript

  • good typing experience for desktop user

  • it use your page font by default.

  • have 3 value type so you can get inputed value in gregorian, jalali or timestamp base on your project need

  • customizable value format so you can get your value in standard iso format or custom format like 1400/12/08 or 1400_12_08

  • support esm import build for modern ECMA Script nodejs app.

  • compatible with native HTML form element to send data to server.

Demo & Sample
in github:
in codepen:


getting started

using npm

1- install package:

npm i jb-date-input

2- import package in one of your .js file:

import 'jb-date-input';

3- use it in your .html file like any other tag:

<jb-date-input label="date label"></jb-date-input>

using cdn

beware that jb-date-input umd build do not exclude external dependancy and bundled as a standalone module, so only use this way if you dont access npm in your app.

1- you can just add script tag to your html file and then use web component how ever you need.

<script src=""></script>

2- use it in your .html file like any other tag:

<jb-date-input label="date label"></jb-date-input>


default format of date input is 'YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.SSS[Z]' that compatible and exact format of new Date().toISOString() you can change it however you need and [Z] mean the exact Z charecter that used in ISO standard format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.SSSZ[Z] => 2012-06-21T00:00:00.000+3:30Z you can change format by format attribute:

<jb-date-input label="تاریخ" format="YYYY/MM/DD" value="2020/08/14"></jb-date-input>

Value Type

we have 3 value type:

    <jb-date-input value="2020-08-01T14:05:39.530Z" value-type="GREGORIAN"/>
    <jb-date-input value="1596291030322" value-type="TIME_STAMP"/>
    <jb-date-input value="1399-05-01T12:05:39.530Z" value-type="JALALI"/>

by setting value type you can tell component what type of value you provideing to it and expecting from it. remember that value type is not effect input type, for example user input jalali date but you will get gregorian date when call you can also provide and get js Date type for more performance if you like see "get value" section for get and for set just set value like: element.value = new Date().

min and max date limit

you can set minimum date and maximum date range for your date input in 2 way:

1- by html attribute in string format of your value

 <jb-date-input label="تاریخ شروع " value="2020-08-10T08:51:23.176Z" min="2020-08-05T08:51:23.176Z" max="2020-08-15T08:51:23.176Z">

2- by call setMinDate and setMaxDate function and providing string or Date format:

const today = new Date();
const max = new Date('2022-08-15T08:51:23.176Z');
// or string


you can set placeholder to show it to user when input is empty. to doing so just set placeholder attribute in HTML DOM or placeholder in JavaScript:

 <jb-date-input placeholder="Enter Date Here">
document.querySelector('jb-date-input').placeholder = `Enter Date Here`;

custom validation

beside of min and max you can also set your own custom validation like any other jb web components family to achive this you must create a array of validations and assign them to component

const validationList = [
            message:'تاریخ باید تنها در قرن 13 شمسی باشد'
            validator:(inputedText, valueObject, valueText)=>{
                //you can use raw inputed text or formatted text in expected value in argumants
                //you have access to both jalali and gregorian date object here
                // rememmber valueObject and valueText are both empty and null when date is incomplete
                return == 15;
            message:'باید تاریخ حتما  15 ماه انتخاب شود'
document.querySelector('jb-date-input').validationList = validationList

remember your min and max date must be in the same format and valueType of your value. to trigger validation and check is the element has a valid value:

// if show error was false, in case of error component dont show error itself and function will return if data valid or not
const showError = true
const validationObj = dom.triggerInputValidation(showError)


//when default property are defined best time for impl your config like min and max date

//when calendar init all property and function and dom created and bind successully
    //value in string
    //value in js Date object

date input type

jb-calendar support both jalali and gregorian(miladi) calendar input type. like value-type that let you determine how you want to provide/expect data to/from jb-date-input you can specify how user must fill the date input. to achive this you have to set input-type attribute or set inputType object to component dom directly. to set it as attribute you can set value like this:

<jb-date-input input-type="GREGORIAN"></jb-date-input>
<jb-date-input input-type="JALALI"></jb-date-input>

and for doing it with direct DOM assignment you can use following js code:

//to show gregorian calendar
document.querySelector('jb-date-input').inputType = "GREGORIAN" 
document.querySelector('jb-date-input').inputType = "JALALI"

set default date for calendar when opened

when date input value is empty we show today year and month in opened calendar by default but you can change it to another date. for example you want user fill they birthdate you can set it to 20 years ago so user can pick his/her birthday easier and faster. to doing so all you have to do is to use setCalendarDefaultDateViewfunction like this:

const year = 1360
const month = 5
//just set year and month for current input-type date type
//set default year and month for gregorian input-type
//set default year and month for jalali input-type

get value

you can get the selected date by using following method:

    // return string value base on your provided format and value type

    // return javascript Date value (or null)

note that providing & getting value with Date is faster and more perfomant than using value string

show persian number

if you want to show persian number instead of English number char you just have to set use-persian-number attribute like this:

<jb-date-input use-persian-number></jb-date-input >
<jb-date-input use-persian-number="true"></jb-date-input >

customize calendar button trigger

you can change calendar icon base on your own need to doing so you just have to put your custom html inside web component with slot="calendar-trigger-icon" like below:

<jb-date-input >
        <div slot="calendar-trigger-icon">
            <svg xmlns="" version="1.1" x="0px" y="0px" viewBox="0 0 610.398 610.398">
                        <path d="M159.567,0h-15.329c-1.956,0-3.811,0.411-5.608,0.995c-8.979,2.912-15.616,12.498-15.616,23.997v10.552v27.009v14.052    c0,2.611,0.435,5.078,1.066,7.44c2.702,10.146,10.653,17.552,20.158,17.552h15.329c11.724,0,21.224-11.188,21.224-24.992V62.553    V35.544V24.992C180.791,11.188,171.291,0,159.567,0z" />
                        <path d="M461.288,0h-15.329c-11.724,0-21.224,11.188-21.224,24.992v10.552v27.009v14.052c0,13.804,9.5,24.992,21.224,24.992    h15.329c11.724,0,21.224-11.188,21.224-24.992V62.553V35.544V24.992C482.507,11.188,473.007,0,461.288,0z" />
                        <path d="M539.586,62.553h-37.954v14.052c0,24.327-18.102,44.117-40.349,44.117h-15.329c-22.247,0-40.349-19.79-40.349-44.117    V62.553H199.916v14.052c0,24.327-18.102,44.117-40.349,44.117h-15.329c-22.248,0-40.349-19.79-40.349-44.117V62.553H70.818    c-21.066,0-38.15,16.017-38.15,35.764v476.318c0,19.784,17.083,35.764,38.15,35.764h468.763c21.085,0,38.149-15.984,38.149-35.764    V98.322C577.735,78.575,560.671,62.553,539.586,62.553z M527.757,557.9l-446.502-0.172V173.717h446.502V557.9z" />
                        <path d="M353.017,266.258h117.428c10.193,0,18.437-10.179,18.437-22.759s-8.248-22.759-18.437-22.759H353.017    c-10.193,0-18.437,10.179-18.437,22.759C334.58,256.074,342.823,266.258,353.017,266.258z" />
                        <path d="M353.017,348.467h117.428c10.193,0,18.437-10.179,18.437-22.759c0-12.579-8.248-22.758-18.437-22.758H353.017    c-10.193,0-18.437,10.179-18.437,22.758C334.58,338.288,342.823,348.467,353.017,348.467z" />
                        <path d="M353.017,430.676h117.428c10.193,0,18.437-10.18,18.437-22.759s-8.248-22.759-18.437-22.759H353.017    c-10.193,0-18.437,10.18-18.437,22.759S342.823,430.676,353.017,430.676z" />
                        <path d="M353.017,512.89h117.428c10.193,0,18.437-10.18,18.437-22.759c0-12.58-8.248-22.759-18.437-22.759H353.017    c-10.193,0-18.437,10.179-18.437,22.759C334.58,502.71,342.823,512.89,353.017,512.89z" />
                        <path d="M145.032,266.258H262.46c10.193,0,18.436-10.179,18.436-22.759s-8.248-22.759-18.436-22.759H145.032    c-10.194,0-18.437,10.179-18.437,22.759C126.596,256.074,134.838,266.258,145.032,266.258z" />
                        <path d="M145.032,348.467H262.46c10.193,0,18.436-10.179,18.436-22.759c0-12.579-8.248-22.758-18.436-22.758H145.032    c-10.194,0-18.437,10.179-18.437,22.758C126.596,338.288,134.838,348.467,145.032,348.467z" />
                        <path d="M145.032,430.676H262.46c10.193,0,18.436-10.18,18.436-22.759s-8.248-22.759-18.436-22.759H145.032    c-10.194,0-18.437,10.18-18.437,22.759S134.838,430.676,145.032,430.676z" />
                        <path d="M145.032,512.89H262.46c10.193,0,18.436-10.18,18.436-22.759c0-12.58-8.248-22.759-18.436-22.759H145.032    c-10.194,0-18.437,10.179-18.437,22.759C126.596,502.71,134.838,512.89,145.032,512.89z" />

Change Month List

you may want to change the default month list for both of Jalali and Gregorian calendars base on your country month labels. here how you can do it:


set custom style

in some cases in your project you need to change default style of web-component for example you need zero margin or different border-radius and etc.
if you want to set a custom style to this web-component all you need is to set css variable in parent scope of web-component.

usage example:

/* if you need more margin */
  --jb-date-input-margin: 16px 32px;
/* if you dont want rounded corner */
/* if you want different text color*/

variable list

css variable name description
--jb-date-input-margin web-component margin default is 0 0
--jb-date-input-border-radius web-component border-radius default is 16px
--jb-date-input-border-color border color of select in normal mode
--jb-date-input-border-color-focus border color when user focus on input
--jb-date-input-bgcolor background color of input
--jb-date-input-message-box-display default is block but if you set it to none message box will be hidden
--jb-date-input-message-box-color change color of message under box
--jb-date-input-message-box-color-error change color of message under box
--jb-date-input-message-box-font-size font-size of message box under the input box
--jb-date-input-message-box-font-weight font-weight of message box under the input box
--jb-date-input-message-box-padding font-size of message box under the input box
--jb-date-input-text-align text align of input
--jb-date-input-box-height height of input box
--jb-date-input-border-width general border width default is 1px
--jb-date-input-border-bottom-width border bottom width default is 3px
--jb-date-input-label-font-size font size of date input label default is 0.8em
--jb-date-input-label-margin change label margin default is 0 4px
--jb-date-input-label-weight label font-weight default is normal
--jb-date-input-placeholder-color input placeholder color default is initial
--jb-date-input-placeholder-font-size place holder font size default is 1.1em
--jb-date-input-value-color date input value color default is #1f1735
--jb-date-input-value-font-size date input value font-size
--jb-date-input-calender-wrapper-bg-color calender background color default color is #fff
--jb-date-input-calendar-wrapper-z-index opend calendar z-index is 10 but you can change it to number you want
--jb-date-input-calender-wrapper-border-radius calendar border radius default is 24px
--jb-date-input-input-margin input margin default is 4px 0
--jb-date-input-box-shadow input box-shadow default is none
--jb-date-input-box-shadow-focus input box-shadow when input is focused default is none
--jb-date-input-calendar-trigger-display set it no none to hide calendar icon

if you want to change opened date picker style please read jb-calendar readme file

add custom element in input box

in jb-input you can put icon or any other custom html DOM in input box. to doing so you just have to place custom DOM in jb-date-input tag and add slot="start-section" or slot="end-section" to place it before or after input field. for better result i suggest you use jb-date-input-inbox-element tag but its optional and you can use your own custom tag too. jb-input-inbox-element will add some style to make sure your icon will place in center and will not overflow nad make your job easier if you want more controll you can skip it and use your own tag. example:

    <jb-date-input-inbox-element slot="end-section">
    <jb-date-input-inbox-element slot="start-section">

Add Package

deno add @jb/date-input

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@jb/date-input";

Add Package

npx jsr add @jb/date-input

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@jb/date-input";

Add Package

yarn dlx jsr add @jb/date-input

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@jb/date-input";

Add Package

pnpm dlx jsr add @jb/date-input

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@jb/date-input";

Add Package

bunx jsr add @jb/date-input

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@jb/date-input";