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The simple and flexible FreeCAD name convention checker

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This package works with Deno
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The simple and flexible FreeCAD name convention checker

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fcnc tool allows you to check your custom name convention of your FreeCAD models (based on fcinfo output).

Basic usage


  • fcinfo for extracting informations from FreeCAD files.
  • python3 for running fcinfo.
  • deno only for contributing or for installation-less use.


  • Get help:

    fcnc --help
  • Get command help:

    fcnc <command> --help
  • Check constraints:

    # Run fcinfo
    ./fcinfo my_freecad_model.FCStd > any_file.fcinfo
    # Check name convention
    fcnc check my_constraints.ts any_file.fcinfo or*globs?.fcinfo


Available on jsr:@jotsr/fcnc.

import { type Constraint } from 'jsr:@jotsr/fcnc'

const snakeCaseLabel = /[a-z][a-z0-9_]*[a-z0-9]/

const fileLabel: Constraint = {
	//Type of constraint
	kind: 'file:label',
	//Pattern to match ($fields refers to custom regexp)
	pattern: '$label.$type',
	//All "$" fields need to be defined
	fields: {
		//Array of regexp to match against (order matter)
		label: [snakeCaseLabel],
		type: [/part/, /assembly/],

//name convention file should export array of constraints as default export
export default [fileLabel]



From deno

Without install

deno run --allow-read=your-dir jsr:@jotsr/fcnc

With install

deno install --allow-read -rf jsr:@jotsr/fcnc

Deno permissions explanations

  • --allow-read to read input files.
  • to upgrade the cli.

From binaries

# Linux
curl -fsSLo fcnc$VERSION/fcnc-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.gz
curl -fsSLo fcnc$VERSION/fcnc-aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu.gz

# macOS
curl -fsSLo fcnc$VERSION/fcnc-x86_64-apple-darwin.gz
curl -fsSLo fcnc$VERSION/fcnc-aarch64-apple-darwin.gz

# Windows
curl -fsSLo fcnc.exe$VERSION/fcnc-x86_64-pc-windows-msvc.exe.gz




Available on jsr:@jotsr/fcnc.


Any kind of contribution is welcomed. Please read contributing guidelines before and respect contributor covenant.

For local development:

Required dependencies:

  • deno To run project (code, ci, ...).

Before first commit or after editing ./deno.json:

  • Run deno task hooks:install.

Using VSCode:

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Add Package

deno add @jotsr/fcnc

Import symbol

import * as mod from "@jotsr/fcnc";