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HTML templating for JavaScript.

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This package works with Bun
This package works with Cloudflare Workers
This package works with Node.js
This package works with Deno
This package works with Browsers
JSR Score
2 months ago
deno add @mark/html
import * as mod from "@mark/html";
npx jsr add @mark/html
import * as mod from "@mark/html";
yarn dlx jsr add @mark/html
import * as mod from "@mark/html";
pnpm dlx jsr add @mark/html
import * as mod from "@mark/html";
bunx jsr add @mark/html
import * as mod from "@mark/html";


HTML templating for JavaScript.

  • No new templating syntax – use the ternary operator (?) for conditional rendering and for rendering lists
  • All template variables will be escaped by default (except if you wrap their values using the raw() function)
  • The type signature only allows strings to be used as variables – null, undefined, boolean, number, Date, and other types are intentionally forbidden so they are not unintentionally converted to strings
  • Benchmarked for max. performance


import { html } from "jsr:@mark/html@1";

Deno.serve(async request => {
	const { method, url } = request;
	const headers = [...request.headers.entries()];
	return new Response(html`
		<!DOCTYPE html>


			${[key, value]) => html`

		${method === "POST" || method === "PUT"
			? html`
				<pre>${await request.text()}</pre>`
			: ""
	`(), { headers: { "content-type": "text/html" }});


CC0, no copyright