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HTML templating for JavaScript.

Works with
This package works with Bun
This package works with Cloudflare Workers
This package works with Node.js
This package works with Deno
This package works with Browsers
JSR Score


The JSR score is a measure of the overall quality of a package, based on a number of factors such as documentation and runtime compatibility.
  • Has a readme or module doc

    The package should have a in the root of the repository or a module doc in the main entrypoint of the package.

  • Has examples in the readme or module doc

    The README or module doc of the main entrypoint should have an example of how to use the package, in the form of a code block.

  • Has module docs in all entrypoints

    Every entrypoint of the package should have a module doc summarizing what is defined in that module.

  • Has docs for most symbols

    At least 80% of the packages' symbols should have symbol documentation. Currently 100% of symbols are documented.

  • No slow types are used

    The package should not use slow types.

  • Has a description

    The package should have a description set in the package settings to help users find this package via search.

  • At least one runtime is marked as compatible

    The package should be marked with at least one runtime as "compatible" in the package settings to aid users in understanding where they can use this package.

  • At least two runtimes are marked as compatible

    The package should be compatible with more than one runtime, and be marked as such in the package settings.

  • Has provenance

    The package should be published from a verifiable CI/CD workflow, and have a public transparency log entry.