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Type definitions for the API of LLM providers.

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This package works with Bun
This package works with Cloudflare Workers
This package works with Node.js
This package works with Deno
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3 weeks ago


Typescript types for the API of LLM providers:

  • Anthropic
  • Ollama
  • OpenAI
  • Vertex AI


From npm

deno add npm:@open-schemas/types
npm add @open-schemas/types
yarn add @open-schemas/types
pnpm add @open-schemas/types
bun add @open-schemas/types

From JSR

deno add @open-schemas/types
npx jsr add @open-schemas/types
yarn dlx jsr add @open-schemas/types
pnpm dlx jsr add @open-schemas/types
bunx jsr add @open-schemas/types



import { CreateMessageRequest } from "@open-schemas/types/anthropic";

const request: CreateMessageRequest = {};


import { CreateChatCompletionRequest } from "@open-schemas/types/openai";

const request: CreateChatCompletionRequest = {};