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A TypeScript implementation of the Rust-inspired Result type, offering a robust and functional approach to error handling and success management in asynchronous and synchronous operations.

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a month ago
variable Err
deno add @oxi/result
import { Err } from "@oxi/result";
npx jsr add @oxi/result
import { Err } from "@oxi/result";
yarn dlx jsr add @oxi/result
import { Err } from "@oxi/result";
pnpm dlx jsr add @oxi/result
import { Err } from "@oxi/result";
bunx jsr add @oxi/result
import { Err } from "@oxi/result";

A convenience reference to the Result.Err method, allowing for the creation of Err result instances without directly invoking the Result class. This function facilitates the creation of Err results, encapsulating error values in a more succinct and readable manner.


Example 1

const error = Err("Something went wrong");
console.log(error.toString()); // "Err(Something went wrong)"