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Common assertion functions, especially useful for testing

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a week ago
deno add @std/assert
import * as mod from "@std/assert";
npx jsr add @std/assert
import * as mod from "@std/assert";
yarn dlx jsr add @std/assert
import * as mod from "@std/assert";
pnpm dlx jsr add @std/assert
import * as mod from "@std/assert";
bunx jsr add @std/assert
import * as mod from "@std/assert";

A library of assertion functions. If the assertion is false an AssertionError will be thrown which will result in pretty-printed diff of failing assertion.

This module is browser compatible, but do not rely on good formatting of values for AssertionError messages in browsers.

import { assert } from "@std/assert/assert";

assert("I am truthy"); // Doesn't throw
assert(false); // Throws `AssertionError`
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